Extra 25% off sitewide | Code: FAMILY

Extra 25% off sitewide | Code: FAMILY

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5 years ago, we've set out to change swimwear by inventing pieces that boost your confidence and increase your comfort.

We did this by listening to you: The things you love, the things you loathe, the things you yearn for in swimwear.

We analyzed hundreds of data points to create swimwear you actually want to wear.

We chose our new name Calypsa because it reminds us of the sea goddess Calypso and the music of the Caribbean.

By changing Calypso to Calypsa, we gave the name a soothing sound, the “ahhh” of a happy sigh.

Calypsa is the feeling of total comfort and ease - which is exactly how we want you to feel the minute you put on our pieces. It's kind of revolutionary.

We are so excited and proud to introduce you to Calypsa, swimwear that feels good.