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Why Swimming Bottoms Might be the Swimwear Option That Suits You Best

Why swimming bottoms might suit you best

With the warmer weather approaching, many of us are now thinking about hitting the pool or booking a vacation… and, of course, about the type of swimwear that’ll make us look and feel fabulous while we’re having fun in (and out!) of the water.

Now, there’s a wide range of women’s swimwear choices that go well beyond the traditional one-piece or bikini, such as swimming bottoms. We explore this cute and bang-on-trend option below and help you pick the style that’ll work best for you.

What Are Swimming Bottoms?

So, when it comes to swimming bottoms, you have a choice of a swim skirts, leggings, shorts, or board shorts. Do swim skirts have shorts underneath? Well, swim skorts are a popular option right now: this option combines a swim skirt with integrated shorts and makes for a flattering, stylish choice; the shorts element can be visible or hidden, depending on the design.

Swim skirts for women come in a variety of lengths and cuts, including plus-size swimwear options, so you can choose the type that you feel most confident in.  You might want to rock a high-waisted swim skirt or prefer to opt for a midi swim skort that features incorporated capri-pants. There are so many choices available that finding the perfect style for you is easy!

How To Wear A Swim Skirt

One of the best things about swim skirts is that they are so versatile and easy to wear. They look great worn with a swim top (more on this coming below!), or if you’re wondering, ‘can you wear a swim skirt over a one-piece?’ then it’s a resounding yes on this score, too. In fact, having a swim skirt in your beach or poolside bag to slip on when you get out of the water means you can easily transition from a swim to another activity without having to worry about getting changed.

Swim skirts and skorts look great when combined with a swim top or tunic; depending on your preference, you could opt for a matching design or add a pop of bold color to the top half of your swimwear. Alternatively, you may prefer to match your swim skirt with a sleeveless top that features a built-in bra for extra support, or select a loose-fit swim top, for style and comfort.

Choosing Swimming Bottoms

Picking the best swimwear for your shape means wearing it will make you feel confident and look amazing - so that you can get on with the important stuff: like having fun at the beach!

Pretty pear-shapes usually look phenomenal wearing a flowy swim skirt or skort or a plus size swim skirt, which balances the figure while flattering the curves.

Those with awesome apple shapes are often best opting for a skort with integrated mid-length leggings or a high-waisted swimming brief paired with a tankini swim top or vest.

Athletic-type bodies look fabulous in swim shorts or board shorts; you can choose a pair in either a block color or a flamboyant design, depending on your style preference.

Are Swim Skirts In Style Right Now?

Yes, they are trending! Swim skirts are not only a flattering choice, but they’re currently riding high in the beachwear fashion stakes, with a growing number of celebrities being spotted by the pool or on the sand sporting swim skirts or shorts.

Given the range of looks and styles available - as well as the comfort factor, of course  - swim bottoms are not likely to be going anywhere soon, which is great news for their ever-increasing number of fans!