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Designer Guidelines/ Responsibilities/ Terms & Conditions:

Welcome to the ModLi team! Before you get started, here are a few guidelines, terms and conditions. Please contact us to let us know that you've reviewed the guidelines! In addition, if you have trouble navigating the marketplace, we'd be happy to spend some time going over it with you.

How does the marketplace work?

Each designer or store owner opens his/her own shop on ModLi. As it is your shop, you are in charge of everything that goes on- you upload your products, and as they're YOURS, you get to set the price! In addition, you will take care of processing, shipping, returns and exchanges of your items. This will make it easy for you to stay updated on stock quantities and ensure that your customers have an easy, comfortable shopping experience!

The ModLi team will review and approve the items you wish to sell before they are published on the website.

What is modest clothing?

To the ModLi staff, the most important aspects of modest clothing is the ability to cover the more intimate parts of a women's body, while still meeting fashion standards. We like to keep our necklines tastefully closed, and our hems close to the knee, if not past it! A closed back is preferred, too. It's not just the semantics of where the neckline and hemline reach, rather the over-all style of the clothing you design.

Customer Service

All customer questions, comments, issues, reviews, and more, will be taken care of by the ModLi staff. (That’s one less headache for you!) If you have any questions related to an order, be sure to contact us, so that we can work it out with the customer. Please refrain from personally contacting ModLi customers.

Photos + Descriptions

All item photos must be high quality! Before finalizing your status as a ModLi designer, we will require you to send us an example of the photos you plan to upload to your shop, in order to check the quality. Photos uploaded to your boutique must be a minimum of 1500*2100 pixels. Items must be uploaded with a minimum of 2 images in order to be approved for purchase. A front & back image of each item is required.

Pictures may not feature your designer logo. There is a place to upload your logo on the designer dashboard, and that's the only place it needs to be!

Please check the text on your photo descriptions, to make sure the grammar and spelling are correct. You have the freedom to write in the style of your choice, but let's make sure to keep our standards high! In addition, photo or content changes are subject to re-approval by ModLi staff.

Upon signing on as a ModLi designer or boutique, you are granting us the right to use your photos for all the website's advertisement purposes.

All content written by ModLi staff on the website is exclusively ours, and therefore may not be used on any external sites or locations, even if they are connected to your shop.


You are obligated to have a minimum of 3 sizes and at least 2 items per size for every listed product, in stock and available for shipment.

In the event that a customer orders an "in-stock" item, and you notify us that the item is no longer in stock, we will take 15% commission from the price of the canceled sale.

Product Pricing

ModLi takes a 35% commission of every sale.

You keep 65% of the sale price, while we keep 35% commission, not including Tax. (Tax is added automatically at the customer's checkout, based on your location.) For example: If you have an item that costs $100, you keep $65 and ModLi gets $35. This commission includes the credit card transaction fees. The prices of your products on ModLi should not be more expensive than the retail prices in stores; therefore, take the 35% fee into consideration when setting a product price on ModLi. The price of your product on ModLi + shipping price for that product must be the equivalent of the price + shipping on other platforms.


We pay our boutique owners automatically via PayPal at the beginning of every month (for the previous month's sales). Therefore, if you don't already have a PayPal account, please be sure to open one before you join ModLi.

Payment to Israeli Vendors

Payment to Israeli vendors will be within 30 days from receipt of invoice.

Designer Affiliate Program

In addition to promoting your shop on ModLi, why not support other designers and boutique owners like you? On ModLi, we offer an affiliate program exclusively for designers.

How does it work?

Sign up as a designer affiliate, using the link on the designer dashboard. Then place our banners and links on your website, Twitter, Facebook, blog or any other online forum that promotes your products.

When a customer places an order (on any product by any designer), after being led to ModLi by your link, you will receive a 15% commission. There is a 45-day cookie window- so you may get commission on the same customer more than once!

Promotional Material

ModLi's advertising content (fliers, magnets, etc.) must be included in all shipments. You may not use personal promotional material in ModLi shipments or in your ModLi boutique.

Shipping Methods:

At ModLi, we offer a wide selection of shipping options. You decide which shipping options you'd like to provide, according to your location and the customer's shipping destination

The shipping times include the time needed to process or prepare the shipment, therefore if it takes you 2 days to prepare a shipment and 8 days for the item to reach its destination, please choose the "6-10 business days" shipping option.

*You are responsible for updating the tracking number for every order.

Shipping Pricing:

Every designer on ModLi is entitled to use different shipping carriers; therefore, the pricing may differ for items from different designers or boutiques using the same shipping methods. We do not take commission on the shipping fees.

When a customer orders one item from you, the price is a flat rate for the specific shipping method. If the customer orders multiple items from you, the flat rate for all other items after the first is significantly reduced. We recommend providing low shipping rates, as high rates deter potential customers!

Please be sure to choose at least 1 shipping option for the countries you select. At least one shipping method must be free. Any international shipping method must not exceed $25.

We use the drop shipping method- each designer is responsible for shipping her items. Please use a padded envelope to ensure the safety of the products.

Shipping prices to the USA must be as follows:

2-3 Business days: up to $19.99

3-5 Business days: up to $9.99

6-10 Business days: free shipping


International shipping prices must be as follows:

2-3 Weeks: Free

6-10 Business days: Free if 2-3 Weeks is not offered. If free 2-3 Week shipping is offered, up to $25.

Expedited shipping method: Up to $25.

*Products sent in Registered Mail without subsequent tracking ability will not be insured by ModLi. Therefore, if an un-trackable shipment does not reach its destination within the allotted time frame, it is the vendor’s responsibility to reship the product, or defray the cost of the refund to the customer.

Vacation Mode

If you're going on vacation, or not working for any reason, we ask that you set your boutique to "offline". On your dashboard, there's a vacation mode option, where you can set your boutique to offline until your return date. This way, customers won't place orders and expect to receive shipments while you are away. Please notify ModLi before going on vacation mode.


If a customer is unhappy with her purchase, items may be returned within 45 days of the order. Returns must be unworn, in the state the customer received them, and in the original packaging. Returns must be postmarked within 45 days of order.

Each item must be returned to its designer/boutique. Refunds and store credit are processed once we receive notification that the item was returned to the store/designer, or tracking for the return indicates receipt. (Make sure to let us know when you receive a return/exchange!)

We handle returns in two manners, according to the reason for return:

1- Damaged Product: At ModLi, we pick designers with quality items- but we know mistakes happen, and products are not always 100% perfect. In the event of return due to an error on behalf of ModLi's designers (a tear, wrong color or size was sent, etc), you, the designer, will cover the return shipment fee. If a customer received a damaged product, they are required to send us a photo of the item. Customers will not be required to return items sent to them damaged or by mistake (i.e. wrong color, size, or item). Upon approval by the ModLi team (and you, the designer), the customer has a few options:

1. Exchange of the damaged item with an undamaged product.

2. Full refund

3. Store Credit

4. Customer can choose a completely different item, from the same designer.

2- Personal Reasons:

If a customer is unhappy with the item she ordered (wrong color, wrong size, etc.), she can request a return. Upon approval, the customer can choose to receive a refund or credit for the price of the item she purchased. ModLi will cover the cost of return.

Processing a Return

Return requests are subject to the approval of the ModLi customer service staff, and you are obligated to abide by the ModLi return policy. Upon approving a request for return, we will send you a notification to expect shipment of a returned item. In turn, you will notify us upon receiving the item, so that we can process the refund or store credit.

In order to ship to the United States, Australia, or Israel, a return address within those countries is required. No shipments will be allowed until a return address is provided. Customer Reviews

Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us; therefore, customer reviews appear on each designer or boutique's homepage, as well as on the product pages. Customers can rate the boutique's shipping speed, prices, product quality, and over-all shopping experience.

Terms for Removal

We reserve the right to remove you as a designer, and nullify our agreement with you, on these terms: • In the event that you continuously miss shipping deadlines. • Repeated shipping mishaps or delays. • Questionable quality of goods. • Unwillingness to fix low-quality photos and/or sloppy product descriptions. • Repeated customer complaints or low/bad customer reviews. • Use of our exclusive promotional material to promote your shop outside of • Use of your boutique to promote a personal website. • Attempts to contact or retain customers from • In addition, we reserve the right to remove your ModLi boutique, without providing a reason.

In the event of removal of a boutique from ModLi, ModLi is required to pay the boutique within 3 months of the termination date.

ModLi reserves the rights to make changes to the website policies at any time.

That’s it! You’re ready to proceed and become a boutique owner!