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Building Body Positivity: The Rise of Plus Size Junior Swimwear

The body positivity movement has been a phenomenon of the last few years: and it’s a very welcome one. For decades, the media has bombarded women with images of the ‘perfect’ body. Ironically, even the models used to push this concept didn’t look like their images in real life: the use of airbrushing was deployed as standard to magically eradicate cellulite, alter skin tone, and shave pounds off of waists and thighs.

Things are changing, and now there’s a growing emphasis on health, confidence, and holistic wellness when it comes to our bodies and how we view them. This is great news for kids, too: the cultural shift is protecting our children from growing up with unhealthy views about their bodies and from the pressures of unnecessary fad diets.

As a parent, promoting the idea of body positivity is important as we raise our kids. Modeling healthy behaviors is one of the best ways of doing this, and the change in attitudes around body type and shape is helping profoundly, too. We explore below how the rise in the availability of plus-size junior swimwear is one of the ways that the world is changing for the better when it comes to nurturing positive self-image and confidence in our young kids and teens.

What is Plus Size Junior Swimwear?

Plus size clothing is designed, in general, to offer a comfortable, flattering fit on a wider range of body types and sizes than may have previously been available in ‘standard’ collections of the past. Plus size garments are increasingly incorporated into clothing ranges rather than forming a standalone collection.

Swimwear for plus-size juniors is no different; the garments are designed with a fuller figure in mind and offer the comfort, support, style, and coverage that your child wants. The body positivity movement isn’t only about embracing all shapes and sizes of body but is also concerned with getting rid of the idea that women should feel pressured to expose more of their bodies than they’re comfortable with. 

This has led to a huge rise in swimwear, both for adults and juniors, that offers extra coverage: not only is this more practical - you don’t need to spend your time in the water tugging at a bikini top to keep it in place - but offers much better protection from the sun, too.

What Type of Plus Size Junior Swimwear is Available?

There’s now a huge range of plus-size junior swimwear available, with each collection designed to boost your child’s comfort and confidence and encapsulate their unique, beautiful personality. They could opt for a one-piece swimsuit in a pattern they love or this season’s vibrant, bold colors, or a swim tunic paired with swim shorts for a casual look that they’ll feel great in poolside.

Or perhaps your child would prefer on-trend swim boardshorts, worn with a rashguard swim top, that are perfect for beach and ocean activities or simply relaxing with their friends on the sand? The choice of plus-size junior swimwear available is near-endless.

What to Consider When Buying Plus Size Swimwear for Your Child

While older teens are likely to want to choose for themselves, there are a few things to bear in mind when choosing swimwear for your younger child. Involve them as much as you can in the process, even if this is just by opting for swimwear in their favorite color.

Look for swimwear that features SPF for additional protection for their delicate skin, and that’s made from high-quality (ideally sustainable) fabrics to help avoid skin irritation and the garment losing its shape. It’s a good idea to choose swimwear that’s quick-drying, too, for extra convenience.

If your older child or teen would feel more comfortable and confident in swimwear that offers bust support, then you could either look for styles that have this support built-in or choose a swim bra that can be worn beneath swimwear.

Helping Your Child to Love Their Body

It’s never too early to start building body positivity in your child. Model healthy attitudes in how you treat and nurture your body and in how you refer to and view it. Choosing the right plus-size junior swimwear for your kids is an important way of promoting body confidence and helping them to feel relaxed, comfortable, and happy poolside or on the beach.

And for extra cute appeal, why not consider matching your swimwear with that worn by your child? This is a fun approach to choosing swimwear that’ll also result in some truly gorgeous vacation photos!