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“I’ve always considered that rare moment of finding a flawless dress that fits perfectly to be a small victory. I wanted to find a way to share those victories with like minded women”

- Nava Co-founder and CEO

We all fantasize about filling our wardrobe with clothing that showcases and encapsulates all that we ever wished for.

We know how it is to go from store to store and site to site in search of modest fashionable clothing that is not only comfortable & cute, but also sustains our values.

With that fantasy in mind ModLi was born.

ModLi is where we bring you unlimited modest styles

so that you can easily shop all in one place.

We curate the finest modest fashion boutiques and styles while staying committed to maintaining a high standard of quality and affordable items. ModLi has the largest online selection of modest dresses, skirts, activewear, swimwear & more!

We Believe:

We believe modesty is more than just the dress you wear, but rather a value that comes in correlation with every aspect of your life as a women, a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mom, a grandmother or even a great-grandmother!

We believe family is our top priority. Educating our children to learn, love, and live by our values will help us create a better world. With help from our community and everything we surround ourselves with we can achieve this much faster.

We believe in making the choice of being effortlessly classy and naturally beautiful.

Most importantly, we believe in setting a high bar to accomplish all we set out to do in this world, yet doing it with grace and modesty.

Meet The ModLi Family


Nava Brief-Fried

Co-Founder & CEO


Yehoshua Fried

Co-Founder & CTO


Tzipora Levine-Strenger

Customer Service Manager


Yonit Goldberg

Marketing Manager


Adina Ginsberg

Ecommerce Manager


Yarden Ram

Operations Manager


Liat Schiff

Fashion Designer


Michelle Duec

PPC/SEO Manager


Hasya Zahavi

Merchandising Manager


Oleksandr Sumtzov

Lead Developer