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FAQs About Our Products


Does your swimwear offer UV protection?

Yes, our swimwear is made of UPF 50+material, to keep you protected from harmful rays of the sun at the pool or beach! Make sure to apply sunscreen on

exposed skin, and wear a hat to protect your head, face, and neck.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends applying SPF 15+ sunscreen liberally, and re-applying every two hours, or after working, swimming, playing

or exercising outdoors. 

We offer a large range of swim styles- choose yours here!


Is the swimwear chlorine resistant?

Our swimwear is made with premium fabrics, and can be worn in chlorinated pools! Please rinse the swimwear items in cold water immediately after each

use, as extended exposure to chlorine is not good for any kind of material. We recommend washing your swimwear on a cold cycle in a washing machine

after each use, to ensure all chemicals are removed from the products. This will help preserve the color and fabric of your swimwear!


Do your swim tops have built in support?


The following styles all have built in chest support:

You can see all the styles with a built-in-bra on this page: Built in Bra Styles

The other swim tops do not have any built in chest support, so that they can fit a wider range of body shapes and sizes. We would recommend purchasing a 

swim bra to wear underneath the swim tops!

Our swim bras are lightly padded.


Do the swim skirts have attached shorts?

Yes, all of the swim skirts (skorts) have attached shorts or leggings.

Our midi skortknee length skortlong skirt, and skirted swim capris have attached leggings.

The short skort , flowy skort, and A-line Swim Skort have attached shorts.


Can I choose a different size for the top and bottom?


Sure! You can choose the size and pattern/ color for each part of the swim set you'd like to purchase. 

You can purchase the swim tops or bottoms on their own, or as part of a set. Choose your style here.

If you need help matching colors and prints, check out our Color Guide.

Happy shopping!


Can your swimwear be worn for maternity and/or nursing?

Many of our tops are great for maternity, with side ruching that allows for maximum adjustability for a growing belly! We would recommend purchasing

one size larger than your normal top size, to accommodate your changing body.

We also have nursing tops, designed with nursing moms in mind!

Check out our maternity & nursing section here!


How should I wash my swim set?

Follow our washing instructions to properly care for your swimwear:


  • Rinse in cold water to wash off any chemicals, chlorinated water or saltwater.
  • Machine wash in cold water on gentle cycle.
  • Lay flat to dry in the shade.

Where do orders ship from?


Our swimwear is packaged and shipped from our warehouse in Wayne, NJ.